empirical insights into (rural) tourism

are crucial to understanding how we can build a tourism economy that is both productive and equitable. Our research efforts are centered on the host community and seek to understand the micro-social and economic implications of rural tourism and how rural citizens might be more empowered in the tourism economies.

Our research support provides you with actionable results

Alongside teams in tourism studies, food systems, and agricultural economics we have conducted studies and contributed to output directed towards both academic and public audiences. Our research has resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications as well as a plethora of fact sheets, study overviews, and graphical presentations of raw data.

Our clients have received national awards thanks to our savvy project management and commitment to quality research.





Project planning and grant writing

Survey and study design

Data collection and management

Publication support

Analysis and data-based action plans

Our Specialties


Agritourism is heralded as a means of farm business diversification and an ever-growing niche within the tourism phenomenon. We’ve had the pleasure to contribute to knowledge about the factors related to profitability for agritourism operators and the clustering of agritourism in the United States

Sustainable tourism

We have both led and assisted with projects exploring the hosts’ experience with tourism and tourists. From resident attitudes in small town Texas to the self esteem of farmer-hosts in Guatemala, our interests in imagining a more sustainable tourism experience for the host community is embedded in our research.

Rural livelihood resilience

Our most recent research is gathering a better understanding of how rural livelihoods can be made more secure in the face of shocks and adversity. This work is ongoing and draws on knowledge from tourism, development studies, geography, and ecology. 


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