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is that most of us end up here inspired by our passions. Maybe for you it was a love of food, a passion for people, or a fascination with traveling and exploring new places – for us, it’s all of these. Our work in rural tourism and agritourism is a direct result of our experiences in agriculture and rural communities then becoming fascinated with the role tourism plays in these communities. 


Chadley Hollas

Chadley is our principal consultant and researcher. After growing up in rural Texas, he studied tourism management and embarked on a career that allowed him to work in hotels and on events around the world. Then, working under world-renowned tourism researchers, he trained his critical lens, honed his project management skills, and began sharing his expertise with our clients. If you’ve ever got him talking, you know that Chadley is passionate about what he does. Chadley is also a PhD student and Presidential Fellow at the University of Georgia.


Kathryn Ivey

Kathryn is our hospitality and program specialist. She has has consulted with an estate vineyard, led the opening of a boutique inn and restaurant, and has spent years working closely with small-business owners to improve their businesses. Kathryn is also knowledgeable on sustainable agriculture, specialty foods, and operated her own farmstead goat dairy. Not only is she is a highly skilled (former) cheesemaker and farmer, Kathryn uses her expertise in hospitality to offer valuable insights on our work. She assists with our agritourism consulting and contributes her fantastic copy-editing skills to our research.



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